Best Reefs and Sharks in the Caribbean on a liveaboard

The Caribbean islands offer the most luxurious scuba diving facilities in the world. Liveboard diving vacation in the Caribbean is on the top of any diver’s wish list. There are so many things to be discovered as it is a year-round diving destination. The indigo waters of these islands offer all types of adventures for divers such as coral reefs, sheer walls, new wrecks, old wrecks, gentle drop offs and  remarkable highpoints to explore.

The Bahamas is waiting with a lifetime of diving possibilities for every diver. These islands are perfect to find the third largest fence reef, deep walls, blue holes, wrecks, and superb shark diving in the world. You can meet with bull, silky, tiger, hammerhead, and oceanic white tip sharks that are confirmed to give you unforgettable time. It is a great destination for the beginner who loves to enjoy pelagic. Each year thousands of divers earn proud rights for swimming with the Caribbean reef sharks that are secure in the knowledge. For the best shark diving and marvelous coral reefs you just need to visit Bahamas on a liveaboard.

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The world’s second longest coral reef is rich in fish life – this is the splendid Belize islands. Belize Liveaboard is a diver’s heaven, which is famous for fabulous dive sites. It possesses remarkable outer atolls full of marine life. The best-known unique dive sites, the great Blue Hole is located in the center of Lighthouse reef, which is 1000 feet in diameter and over 412 feet deep. You can discover amazing pillar and spike creations along the wall, angelfish, butterflyfish, small groupers, and multicolored corals and sea fans.

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Courtesy of Divebooker “Top spots to visit on a liveaboard in the Caribbean

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